Project Management

Every step of application development we concentrate on managing the project in a very efficient way keeping timelines as priority

Experienced Project Leaders, who are members of our Application Development team, are involved in every step of the projection process. Their leadership through whole process allows any project's realization.

Our team is experienced on most methodologies used in the project management area. Project idea, client's work style, project goal and project's extent are all parameters that our team takes into account while deciding on the management methodology of a specific project. This plays a key role to meet, even go beyond our clients' expectations regarding the scope of the project, the time frame, the resources used and the cost.

  • Getting the right client needs
  • Understanding the goals
  • Transparent & clear process
  • Following quality procedures
  • Ongoing support

Time Management

The most precious resource we have at Tamagna is time—the correct use of your time and our developer's time is our main priority. Every activity at Tamagna goes along with a record of the start time, end time, and any possible interruption during the performed work. The weekly plan also works to save time when deciding what to do next.

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